Hello Gorgeous,

Meet Terreka.

Professional Hair Care Specialist at Luxe by Lady Hairroin. Specializing in Healthy Hair Care and Luxury Extensions. 

My goal as a Professional Stylist is to make organic connections, lead with bomb vibes, make every guest feel special while sitting in my chair, and build an intangible culture knowing that my clients are ALWAYS in good hands, like All State.

I have been passionate about hair and makeup since I was 11 years old. While in grade school I was always known as the girl who was always freshly styled, hair well-maintained, and makeup beat effortlessly.

Growing up, due to the density of my hair, I constantly endured the worst salon experiences. I got so tired of hearing “Omg you have so much hair,” I said you know what; "I’ll do my own hair!"

At 13, I started transitioning my own hair to natural, and by the age of 14 I began working out of my mother’s kitchen. On weekends, you could find me braiding hair and/or doing makeup.


I always knew I wanted to be a part of the beauty industry. I remember thinking to myself “I will never be the stylist who could not  conquer ANY density, texture, or skin color match”.

If you are ready to join the Healthy Hair Gang, follow the link below and lets get started today.

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