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Hello Beautiful,

Meet Kaye

Master Stylist and Luxury Extensions Expert. 

Kaye prides herself in being a music connoisseur, can give you the 411 on how to travel on a budget, loves all things fashion and beauty, and makes the best banana pudding without bananas. Seriously, who wants bananas in their pudding anyways? LOL!!!

"My favorite thing about being a hairstylist are the transformations. I love it when new clients come feeling hopeless, and I come through with every trick in my arsenal needed; to make what seems impossible possible."

If you sit in my chair, please know that I am passionate about what I do, I will always put the integrity of your hair first. My #1 goal is help you achieve and maintain healthy thriving hair. No matter where you are on the healthy hair journey, know we are in this together, and whatever the goal, i'm here to help you obtain it.


I fell in love with hair when I began combing my very own at the tender age of 9. I've always known I wanted to be a professional stylist. I love meeting new people, making connections, and the best part is I do not feel like I'm working at all. 

When I am not in the salon, I love spending time with my son, indulging in fine dining, and travelling. I am fueled by my Nutraburst and group exercise classes.


I've been a client like you before. I've been to stylists who were always late, unprofessional and had the nerve to triple book. I hated it. I knew I never wanted to be like that stylist. I value each and every one of my guests time. 

As a naturalista that loves a good press, I've pretty much perfected the silk press. While I love color and highlights, extensions are my sweet spot. I would love the opportunity to discuss with you about taking your hair to the next level.

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