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Hello Beautiful,

I'm Kaye

Marketing Strategist & Professional Development​ Coach for Beauty Professionals.

"When I first entered into the beauty industry, I built my clientele in six months, and the rest was history. I had the brains, hunger and hustlers spirit(some would say). Through trial and error and tons of education; I have created a program to help entrepreneurs and beauty professionals create profitable brands and run their business like a true boss."


Hustle & Brains are the key components of how we teach small business owners to make serious cash doing what they love. This program is raw, actionable and makes you profitable.


The Brand, The Life and The Business you desire is a click away. Let's get started.

What's Your Strategy?

Be honest when answering this question. The truth is many do not have an actual strategy. It's like you're throwing a lot of things against the wall and hoping that it sticks. Word of mouth is no longer the best form of advertising. This is where Coach Kaye come in!


How Can I Help You?

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